1. Offer first time buyers wanting  to become an "Owner Operator"  a reasonable finance rate regardless of their credit score. 
  2. Offer existing "Owner Operators" a reasonable finance rate regardless of credit score. 
  3. Make sure that all approved drivers are setup for sucess rather than failure.   If an driver / owner operator fails that so have we.  
  4. Provide free consulting to any driver interested in becoming an " Owner Operator"  information is provided about truck operating costs,  maintenance reserves and required revenue in order to be sucessful.   

  1.  Provide financing for a truck from another dealer or source.  

Fleet operators and credit customers can find additional credit options by contacting RCI 

RCI Trucks offers in-house financing to provide  buyers with less than perfect credit an opportunity to purchase a truck for a reasonable finace rate.   Most finance contracts are structurced as lease purchase agreements with $0  to pay at the contrace completion.   Our typical rate is set at 15% simple interest.   Our  rates our often much less than they would be from a typical sub prime truck lender.  

Our philospy in Making Credit Decisions:  We look for all the good reasons to approve a transaction rather than excuses to turn it down.  A low credit score is not a reason for us to turn down a deal.   

Positives that we are looking for:

  1. Work History
  2. Time working for the same carrier 1 -2 + years is a positive with a good carrier reference.  
  3. The opportunity to place the truck with a quality carrier and the abiltiy to generate income sufficent to cover the expenses of truck ownership.   Most important is that the opportunity will provide the driver with enough net income to justify truck ownership.  


  1. In current Bankruptcy.
  2. Over extended delinquent credit.
  3. Delinquent child support. 
  4. Poor references.  

All financing and credit services are provided by National Truck Finance an RCI Asset Management owned company.